Understanding Discipleship – 1

Discipleship is a pivotal element in Christian life, yet we often seem to misunderstand its implications for our lives.

John 1:35-51 is one of the records of Jesus calling his first disciples. (This calling of the first disciples is different from the other gospel accounts.)

From John’s account, we can see some key elements of discipleship.

Focus upon John 1:35-39 we see:

  1. The two disciples who followed Jesus were already keen and looking for God in their lives. They were spiritually hungry.
  2. John the Baptist didn’t point towards himself. He pointed to Jesus.
  3. The disciples were challenged by what John the Baptist called Jesus, and they wanted to know more.
  4. The disciples were willing to leave behind John the Baptist in order to follow Jesus.

John the Baptist called Jesus the “Lamb of God”. This is referencing the Old Testament sacrificial system. See Leviticus 4:35 for an explanation of how the sacrifice would purify people from their sins and restore them back to God.

Discipleship is not just an intellectual pursuit. Being a disciple of Jesus involves your whole being and changing your life patterns. The disciples who followed Jesus literally followed Jesus. They found out where he was staying and then went there to listen and learn from Jesus.

A question to consider.

Are you willing to follow Jesus because Jesus asks you to come and see for yourself what it means to be purified of your sins and be restored to God through Jesus?

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